Our Programs


Children 18-36 Months

4:1 ratio of Children to Adults

Programs offered:

(all 2-5 days per week)

• Morning              9:00-11:30
• Extended Day    8:30-3:00
• All Day                8:00-5:30


& Kindergarten

Children 3-6 Years

8:1 ratio of Children to Adults

Programs offered:

    • Morning                        9:00-11:30

    • Half Day with Lunch   8:30-12:30

    • Extended Day              8:30-3:00
    • All Day                          8:00-5:30

Summer Program

In addition to our regular school year program, we offer a 10-week Summer Program for those who wish to continue throughout the year.


Field Trips

All age groups enjoy a variety of educational field trips. These include visits to farms, nature centers, museums, apple orchards, theater performances and more!


We nurture your child's mind and body!

All healthy snacks are served.


We ask that parents send lunches that contain no added sugars and sweeteners or artificial additives such as colors and flavors.


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