What's New at Harmony?

Changes in our programs

due to COVID-19

When we resumed classes in July, we had to change from our open floor plan to accommodate three smaller classrooms.  

We set up tall dividers, and now keep each group separate. The preschool/kindergarten children were learning about birds as part of their nature study this summer, so they came up with the names of birds to define their groups. The preschool/kindergarten groups called themselves the Blue Jays and the Robins, and the toddler group became the Sparrows, because, as one of the preschoolers said, "they are the smaller birds."


Harmony visits on hold...

We are sorry that we cannot invite prospective parents in to observe our classrooms at the moment, due to COVID-19. 


We plan to choose a Saturday in the near future when parents can drop by for a quick visit.


If you would like to sign up for a visit, please email us at